HyperStem 65g.(70mm)


Stiffer, lighter, tougher.

Exceedes the EN safety standard requirements so much that we can recommend it for Enduro.

Excedes so many times the EN safety standard requirements that we recommend it for Enduro.

Weight: 65, 69, 74, 79, 83, 87g.

Length: 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120mm.

Bar clamp diameter: 31.8mm / oversize std.

Steer tube clamp diameter: standard 1 1/8".

Ultra stiff structure: very efficient with your upper body energy.

Material: totally 3D cnc'd from AL 7075 Txx.

Bolts: special CNC Grade5 Titanium.

Angles: reversible, +/- 6° and +/- 12°

Fork Clamp height: 38mm.

Graphics: Laser etched.

Finish: black anodized.

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Available in "Stealth" black on black version.


Equipped with special Grade5 titanium Torx bolts.

One hour CNC milling of contoured shapes.

Available versions:
HyperStem O-6 +/-6°

HyperStem O-12 +/-12°

Design and dimensioning are impressive,mass and stress concentrations have been further reduced.

When you see it the flesh you'll realize that it's an absolute performance sculpture.

Accurate machining of 3D surfaces to avoid sharp edges.

HyperStem has well rounded edges to make it more carbon-friendly.

Choose correct stem model for biometric bike fitting.

Fatigue tested for months, down to boredom.

But it generously paid us back with exceptional results.


Fatigue and strength tested, exceeds UNI 10518 safety standards.

100% made in Italy