F-1 4.o x-link 1980gr.(4.4Lb.)

This is the F1!


V e r s i o n - 4 . o


StablePlate (190*gr.)

F-1 comes equipped with "stable platform" shock pecisely tuned on rider requirements.

Tech Specifications

* Pressurized, separate air/oil reservoir.

* Speed sensible damping, fully tunable(internally).

* Excellent dimensional ratio: lenght 152mm, stroke 44mm.

* 3 levels of threshold avaiable (soft 15kgf, medium 20kgf, hard 25Kgf).

* Damper weight: 140gr. (oil included); Chrome Silicon springs (from 95gr).

* Exclusive hi-tech graphite composite double lips seals, will last for years.

* Hard anodized 7075 T6 shock shaft, featuring ultra smooth (sub .002) surface treatment.

* Fully rebuildable it offers a very wide tuning range to match idividual damping preference.


Coil-over shocks offer perfectly linear response.


"X-link" 4bar geometry.

Now equipped with SP new shock!

With a hardtail's agility, quickness and weight the F-1 gives you the best weight/performance ratio ever dreamed for x-c racing.

The "X-link" system offers a true anti-bob response, suitable for the riders who want a full suspended racer that feels like a rigid one while sprinting on the pedals, but with more climbing, braking, cornering and descending control.



100% made in Italy