F-2 tech info

Designed for agressive x-c riding and long distance racing, this frame provides very high torsional rigidity and 85/95/105mm of plush rear wheel travel at only 2080gr.(4.6Lb.)*.

*Shock included, Medium size, Anodized finish.




"The Extralite climbs, descends and corners like a champ... ...is one of the most race-worthy suspension bikes we have thrown a leg over."



This pice of CNC artwork is the F-2 "swinglink". It delivers plush suspension travel and its unique 4 pivot construction keeps the rear end running straight and flex free even while out of saddle sprinting and extreme cornering.



Custom Tubing

We only use custom designed double butted tubsets. An extensive use of variable thickness 7020 T6 aluminium offers the best combination: lightness and durability.

No crude "chip style" gussets, here we weld a really sturdy reinforcement that's much more efficient; called

"Micro Box"

Our exclusive welding procedure ensures better frame alignment and constant manufacturing quality.


The welding process passes through custom made steel jigs, with extremely tight tolerances.

Jigs lock the frame parts in 68 places (front) and 76 (rear), so the F-2 have some 144 alignment checking points!


CNC Parts

F-2's BB shell and swingarm yoke are both CNC machined from massive 1Kg./2.2Lb. billets!

While machining out more than 90% of excessive material, our hi-tech components are comparable with Formula 1 technology.

No compromise construction translates into exceptional stiffness and rear wheel alignment.


Even every other frame component is CNC machined, including dropouts,

shock mounts,swingarm ends and "swinglink" pivot seats etc.

Hyper accurate dimensional design is one of the secrets of F-2 lightness and stiffness.


Pivots and bushings are made with hi-tech aerospace materials.

Regularly cleaned they offer tight tolerances for years.


Disc brake systems: F-2 (disc version) is fully compatible with Shimano, Magura, Formula, Grimeca, Hope etc.

F-2 disc version is not provided with V-brake mounts.


No matter how sophisticated your shifting system is, its performance is directly related to the quality of the cable routing on your frame.

All F-2 cables are top tube routed to give faultless shifting regardless the conditions. Housings are very short for better response and the rear deralier cable neatly passes inside the seatstay.

Very safe & cool.

100% made in Italy