CyberRear SP-T 132g.

Lightest Triplet 2:1 specific hub.


Weight: 132g.

Drilling: 16+8h only.

Bearings: ABEC5 cartridges 1x6903-2RS 3x6803-2RS.

Material: special AL7075TX & Grade5 Titanium, UD Carbon fibre.

Compatible Cogs: Shimano Road 8/9/10/11/12S*, Sram XD/XDR Drive*, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12s.

Bearing Options: Enduro ABEC 5, ABI Enduro 440-stainless, HDC Ceramic, XD15 Ceramic.

Rim Compatibility: Compatible with standard and triplet specific rims.

Axle Construction: multishaped 17mm, milled to micro tolerances.

Body Construction: 3D multiaxial machining all in 1 stage.

Finishing: black anodized body, "hart-coated" axle-ends.

Micro-Tuner: the quickest bearing preload system.

Freewheel: Hyper engineered 2pawls OR-Drive.

Graphics: laser etched.

Download user manual

We warmly recommend to precisely check all the operations involved for the assembling and the tuning process before setting your order.
You'll have to take the full responsibility on both hub-assembling and hub-tuning (see details on manual).
Alternatively consider CyberFront SL and CyberRear SL that offer the easiness of externally mounted standard elbow spokes and the widest possible camber of all spoke flanges.

* Shortest gear ratio 1:1
CyberRear freewheel mechanisms are suitable for road and cyclocross use (and not MTB) with a maximum shortest ratio of 1:1.
Shorter ratios may produce excessive torque and damage freewheel mechanism.


Bearing options
Lacing instructions
Here you will find pre-calculated spoke lengths, spoke patterns and wheel building tips.


16+8 lacing allows a laterally stiffer wheel.

More spokes on drive side and more tensioned on non drive side.

Spoke tension of the NDS is 90% of DS, this allows the DS spoke tension to be lower and the wheel to be built more like a front wheel.

Compatible with standard and triplet specific rims.
On standard rims spoke holes must be with vertical drilling. Angled drillings are not compatible.

Drive side spokes are more and more tangent to effectively transmit the torque.

Oversized titanium ratchet wheel with a precise 32T pawl engaging system.

NDS flanges has a carbon fibre reinforcement to support higher radial tensions.

Micro-tuner: our easy and quick external bearing preload system that ensures precise tuning, smooth running and no play at the rim.

4-bearing design for long lasting performance.

Equipped with ABEC5 cartridge bearings featuring Grade 5 Chromium Steel Balls, 52100 Hi-Carbon Chromium Alloy Races, Nylon-Graphite Ball Retainers. Fully serviceable.

Very light: a weight nearly as low as hybrid ceramic versions.

Special low friction SRS axial seals on main hub bearings, 2RS protective seals on freewheel bearings.

Hi-tech rarely combines with maintenance easiness, not here!


As with all Extralite products CyberHubs exceed UNI/DIN Safety standards.


100% made in Italy