CyberRear SPD-3+ 136g. (24h - XDR - HyC)

State of the art of Road disc hub

Drilling: 24h only

Weight: from 136g

Spoke Count: 24h only

Spoke holes: 2.8mm angled and rounded

Material: special AL7075TX & Grade5 Titanium

Bearings: 3x 6803-2RS ABEC5 1x 6903-2RS ABEC5 cartridges

Width: 135mm(quick release) and 142mm(Thru axle 12mm) frames

Compatible Cogs*: Shimano Road 8/9/10/11/12S, Sram XD/XDR Drive, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12s, EKAR

Bearing Options: Enduro ABEC 5, ABI Enduro 440-stainless,HyperCeramic, XD15 Ceramic

Axle Construction: multishaped 17mm, milled to micro tolerances

Body Construction: 3D multiaxial machining all in 1 stage

Finishing: black anodized body, "hart-coated" axle-ends

Micro-Tuner: the quickest bearing preload system

Freewheel: Hyper engineered 2pawls OR-Drive

Ratchet: 32T Titanium engaging system

Graphics: laser etched



Bearing options
Lacing Instructions

Here you will find pre-calculated spoke lengths, spoke patterns and wheel building tips


Oversized titanium 32T ratchet wheel is engaged by a smooth and precise O-r driven 2 pawls system

(*) Shortest gear ratio 1:1
CyberRear freewheel mechanisms are suitable for road and cyclocross use (and not MTB) with a maximum shortest ratio of 1:1.
Shorter ratios may produce excessive torque and damage freewheel mechanism.


Hi-tech rarely combines with such easy tuning and maintenance easiness

Straight pull spokes increase wheel stiffness under sprinting, reduce lateral flex and increase both braking and accelerating torque transmission

Spoke holes are now rounded and angled. Compatible with Carbon and Berd spokes, without tangential washers

Hub body flanges receive our special treatment (military standard) to handle lacing and braking stress

Micro-tuner: our easy and quick external bearing preload system offers precise tuning, smooth spinning with no play at the rim and a longer bearing life

Equipped with 4 high quality Abec5 or Hybrid-Ceramic stainless bearings

Bearing dimensions are one step beefier than most and much heavier competitors

As every Extralite product CyberHubs exceed UNI/DIN Safety standards


100% made in Italy