CH-01 15.8g(complete assembly)

Computer Holder specific for HyperStem.

Drone technology at your disposal.

Compatibility: All HyperStems

Fits: Garmin computers up to Edge 1030, Wahoo*

Materials: T700 carbon fiber tralice, AL7075TXX clamps

Weight: 22.3g (adds 15.8 from stock clamps)

Angle: parallel to stem body

Finish: natural carbon

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*Check if the mounting plate of your Wahoo can be rotated +/-90
That cause the adaptor-inserts you can mount on the CH 01 should retain the 2 bolts in the same positions.
One solution is an adapter named as "Wahoo Puck" - it is an insert between Garmin holder and Wahoo computers.
It makes the whole unit higher by about 3mm and about 2.8grams heavier.

CH-01 replaces the standard handlebar clamps of HyperStem with a complete new assembly that sports a rigid tralice to firmly hold your bike computer.

It comes ready equipped with the adaptor-insert for Garmin bicycle devices and gives you all the necessary to mount your computer onto your HyperStem.


Removing just 2 bolts you can replace the supplied adaptor-insert with other popular models.
The same 2 bolts standard is shared by several commonly available adaptor-inserts as for Blackbird, Bryton, Cateye, Gopro, iGPSPORT, Omata, Polar, Sigma, Wahoo etc.

CH-01 adds only 15.8g to the total assembly and does not need any additional part.


As every Extralite product it benefits of our accurate FEM analysis.

A tricky composite marvel.


100% made in Italy