How to measure "spoke-end diameter"

Spoke-end diameter depends on your rim and nipple type.

Below you see the 2 methods:
External nipple configuration
Internal nipple configuration

Take measures very precisely because a correct nipple/spoke assembly accepts a spoke-length tolerance of +/-1mm only.
(All measures are expressed in mm)


External nipple configuration

1) Insert 2 spokes with nipples into 2 opposite rim holes.

This simple trick may help you to have spokes aligned an slightly tensioned.

2) Precisely measure distance between nipples.

Be careful to take measure between the 2 nipple-ends.

3) Add 2x nipple height to the measure above. This is "spoke-end" diameter.

Note: with slotted nipples measure height inside the cut.

cutted nipple



Internal nipple configuration

You can get the necessary data following the procedure below:
1) Precisely measure outer rim diameter (A).

2) Insert 1 nipple into hole. Use a spoke to hold nipple in position.

3) Precisely measure distance between nipple-end and outer rim diameter (B).

This is the correct caliper positioning inside the rim (don't cut your rim!)

4) A-2B = "spoke-end diameter".


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