Are lightweight components fragile?
That mainly depends on the quality of their enginering, manufacturing and installation.

All our products excede Uni/Din safety standard requirements.
As general rule just realize that Uni/Din safety standard tests take as reference a 90kg. (200Lb.) extremely strong athlete at his maximum possible output.
Then repeat this loading efforts on a base of 100.000 times for each testing session.

Are you as strong as the athlete described?
If yes plan to replace your frame/component at the end of the racing season.

A good racer output 20% lower loads and that doubles at least the fatigue life of a component.
The loads applied by an average rider will affect only marginally the fatigue life of the bike parts.

Rider weight influence

The rider weight plays an important rule but it's only a part of the energy q.ty count that is applied to your bike components.
Here few examples that surely help to understand how other factors can do much more that body weight alone.

1) Speed itself increases by square factor the loads applied on a front wheel hitting an obstacle.
Thereafter when a front wheel hits a small-medium obstacle
the following factors play the most important rules:
- speed itself - obstacle sharpness - tire pressure - suspension fork setting if any.

2) Personal riding style can put limited or extremely high loads on a rear wheel too.
During off saddle sprinting the bike get angled under rider's body.
T his strongly increases the lateral stress on the rim-spoke structure.
Rider weight influences directly the load but the angle of the bike does it by the

3) Low gear ratio as on 29ers pushed by a strong rider can produce over 700kgf of chain-pull.
The chain-pull load passes through the right crank-bearing, then through the frame right chainstay and finally reaches the hub-freewheel.
Lower gear ratios directly increase chain pull peaks and the mechanical stress on crank axle and bearings, rear hub (axle and bearings) and its freewheel engagement system too.
combination of extremely high loads for the entire rear-end of the bike.



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