CarboCamber 2 1120g. (pair)
995g. with Berd spokes

Weight: 1120g/set (995g./set with Berd spokes)

Hubs: HyperBoost/Hyper-Series

Rims: Offset 29" Custom clincher rims, 27mm tyre bead (33x25mm)

Spokes: 28+28 MegaLite/HyperLite Straight-Pull, triple-butted, bladed, black

Finishing: Spread-tow natural carbon / Black anodized hubs

Option: Berd Spokes on Boost hubs (995g./set)

Nipples: Ergal DSN, black, external

Graphics: Black on black decals

Front wheel, available versions:
HyperBoost F (15x110)

HyperFront (QR15, 9x100mm)

HyperLefty/2 (Lefty version 1 and 2)

HyperWiz (RS-1)

Rear wheel, available versions:
HyperBoost R (148, Shima MTB 11s / Sram XD Drive)

HyperRear2 (142 / 10x135, Shima MTB 11s / Sram XD Drive.
Wheel center: Standard center line, Cannondale "Ai" Offsett (+6mm) or Cannondale "Ai" Boost-Offsett (+3mm)

Bearing options: ABI Enduro Stainless, HDC Hybrid-ceramic bearings or XD-15 Ceramic Bearings.

Newly developed tricky rims, 100% custom made for us in italy.

Their exceptional hi-tech construction employes exotic Toray T1100G fibers wrapped into a tricky spread-tow hi-modulus fabric.
Spread-tow is the most efficient type of fabric available today and it looks very cool too.

Needless to talk about the advantages of the offset profile and hookless walls introduced a decade ago by the original CarboCamber29.
Today's version features an even enhanced offset with a wider bead profile, all well protected by beefy and strong hookless walls.

Low angular moment enhances acceleration and reduces the unwanted gyroscopic effect.

Equipped with superb MegaLite/HyperLite spokes, the highest possible quality choice.

Berd spokes can be installed on request.

Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. UHMWPE has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water.

This version comes with a special rim with improved lamination to achieve the superb weight of 995g/set.

CarboCamber 2 offer the best handling manners you could dream about.
Really stiff, strong and light.


(Wheelset not supplied with valves, tubeless tape nor sealant)

100% made in Italy