CyberFront SPD 2 66g.

Improvements over the previous model:

- Lighter

- Optimized Axle Construction, 15% more stiff

- QR & 12mm Thru Axle compatibility, switchable

- More equalized spoke camber on each side

Weight: 66g

Spoke number: 24h only

Material: special 7075TX

Bearings: 2x 15-24 2RS ABEC5

Micro-Tuner: quickest bearing preload system

Finishing: "hart coat" sides, black anodized body

Construction: 15mm oversized hi-engineered axle

Compatibility: 100mm QR and 100mm TA 12mm forks, convertible

Graphics: laser etched

Optional: HDC-Hybrid-ceramic bearings


Download user manual

Dimensions for wheel building
Right side spoke hole : 2.5mm
Right flange drilling : 28mm
Centre to right flange: 39.5mm
Centre to left flange: 25mm
side spoke hole : 2.5mm
Disc flange drilling : 47mm

Here you will find pre-calculated spoke lengths, spoke patterns and wheel building tips:

CyberFront SPD-2 lacing instructions

Specifically designed for Road disc use.

Straight pull spokes increase wheel stiffness under sprinting. They sensibly reduce lateral flex and increase disc braking torque transmission.

Micro-tuner allows an easy and quick bearing preload adjustment,
precise hub bearing setting ensures low bearing friction and no-play at the rim.

Flanges receive our new special treatments (military standard) to handle radial lacing stress.

Spokes holes are angled to minimize bending stress on spokes.

To minimize torsional static forces flanges self-align under spoke lacing tension.

Hi-tech rarely combines with maintenance easiness, not here!

As every Extralite products CyberHubs exceedes UNI/DIN Safety standards. Safety tests simulate a very strong 90kg (200lb) rider output.

100% made in Italy