E-Bones 358 gr.

Developed with our hyper-accurate dimensioning, they include our proprietary design:

Stress Split Profile

That means hi-torsional rigidity with unmatched weight.

How dose it work?

Torsional and bending stresses are splitted into separate crank areas enhancing rigidity/mass ratio in every pedalling phase.


Weight: 358gr/set

Sizes: 175 or 172.5mm.

Spider: standard 104mm / 64mm.

Finishing: hard anodized black or hi-polished.

Q-factor: 159mm with 113mm Isis bb.

Graphics: laser etched.

Isis Standard


Hyper accurate Finite Element structure analysis minimizes stress concentrations and improves fatigue resistance.


More than an hour of state-of-art 3D milling technology.

These 3D sculptures can handle your sprinting efforts like no other metal cranks,

SSP technology works for you!

E-Bones will performance at their best with OctaRamp




Complete sets weights


E-Bones with Octaramp 44T, 32T, 22E (set 3x9) and Extrabolts

E-Bones with Octaramp 44T, 30T (set 2x9) and Extrabolts


E-Bones: the most sophisticated crankset ever made.


E-Bones excede UNI safety standard fatigue tests.

100% made in Italy