FishBones 440gr.

Equipped with our OctaRamps these cold forged cranks reach great performances and weight for a true budget price.


Cranks: 440gr.

Lenght: 170mm / 172.5mm.

B.braket: Hollow CrMo 195gr.

Rings: OctaRamp 44-32-22 110gr.

Bolts: Rings 8 Ergal, spindle 2 Ergal.

Graphics: laser etched.

These highly sculptured rings not only look great but can shift perform like no others.

A crew of 8 hyper accurate chain ramps on each ring make up-shifting quick and easy thanks to their unique hooking (15° angled) cnc design.

Accurate hard anodized chain profiles for low rolling resistance and durability.

Available bb lenghts: BSA 68mm x 110mm or 113mm; Ita. 70mm x 110mm or 113mm.


FishBones crankset includes all the parts shown on main picture.



100% made in Italy