StablePlate 132gr.(w/o spring)

F-1, the most efficient racing f/s now can be equipped with a newly developed and pecisely factory tuned "stable platform " shock.


If you are a lucky owner of an F1 you can upgrade your ShockGun to an SP!



Technical Specifications

* Pressurized, separate air/oil reservoir.

* Speed sensible damping, fully tunable(internally).

* 3 levels of threshold avaiable (soft, medium, hard).

* Excellent dimensional ratio: lenght 152mm, stroke 44mm.

* Damper weight: 132gr. (oil included); Chrome Silicon springs from 95gr.

* Exclusive hi-tech graphite composite double lips seals, will last for years.

* Hard anodized 7075 T6 shock shaft, featuring ultra smooth (sub .002) surface treatment.

* Fully rebuildable it offers a very wide tuning range to match idividual damping preference.



100% made in Italy