UltraBrakes 99gr.(set)

Do you enjoy UltraLevers performance and style?
Here you get their natural complement.

1 set is for 1 wheel

Weight: 99gr / set.

Leverage: 100mm.

Tuning: Micro adjustable.

Operation: 4 Sealed bearings.

Springs: Linear, butted Beta Titanium.

Shoes: KoolStop dual compound.

Pad holders: Special CNC pads.

Hardware: Titanium / 7075 T6.

Graphics: Laser etched.

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The extremly rigid structure gives you hi-stopping power and a very precise feel.

Very important features for serious brake performance.

Body stiffness and leverage.

Highly efficient symmetrical box section, 100mm leverage.

Low stiction operation.

Four sealed ball bearings ensure a constant position of return springs.

Positive spring layout.

Return springs are made with very trick butted Beta Titanium wire.
3 point isostatic system, free pivoting linkage and self lubing derlin sliders make the optimal anti-stiction device.

Butter smooth operation and precisely adjustable.


UltraBrakes are equipped with Extralite custom made pad holders.

The lightest and most accurate worlwide.


We have slightly redesigned the conventional pad locking system, its accurate machining and the "Hart Coat" washers ensure faster and more precise pad alignment.

The ultimate stoppers.


100% made in Italy