UltraClimb SPZ 920gr.(pair)

Alchemic wedding of space-age elements.

Weight: 395 + 525 gr.

Lacing: straight pull.

Hubs: Extralite UltraHubs SP.

Rims: Tubolar, Zipp 280 Carbon.

Micro-Tuner: easy bearing preload system.

Spokes: 20+24 bladed double butted beta Titanium.

Graphics: Extralite + ZIPP decals.

Compatible: Shimano, Campagnolo.

Nipples: Ergal, ABS system.

Finishing: Natural carbon.

Option: Hybrid ceramic bearings.

Aereodynamic Zipp rims, hyper engineered UltraHubs and titanium bladed spokes gives you unbeateable performance on flat and hillclimbing tracks.


Both front UltraFront SPM and UltraRear SP hubs feature external "Micro Tuner" system.
The precise "Micro Tuner" action is very easy to operate, it ensures perfect hub bearing setting.

Result: low bearing friction and no-play at the rim.

Straight pull spokes increase sprinting reactivity and stifness with consistent weight reduction.


Extra wide camber enhances lateral stiffness with no weight penalty.



Speed weaponry for race battlefield.


UltraClimb SPZ as all of our production excede Uni/Din safety standard requirements.
As general rule just realize that Uni/Din safety standards and tests consider a 90kg. (200Lb.) extremely strong athlete efforts as reference.

However you surely undertsand that rider weight plays a minor role in the energy q.ty count:
1) Speed itself increases by the sqare the loads applied on wheels hitting an obstacle.
2) Riding style can sensibly affect wheel alignment with higher or lower lateral loads.

UltraHubs are over-dimensioned for road use.
Hub maintenance:

Frewheel cleaning/oiling: level 1.
No special tools are required however we recommend it only to technically skilled owners and mechanics.

Bearing change: level 2.
Special tools and pro-level skills are required.

Wheelsets include spare spokes and are not supplied with quick releases.