ExtraRoad sl 1480gr.



Biosphere's lighest and most reliable mtb wheelset technology enabled us to launch these super light and strong road tools.

Weght:: 1480Gr.

Spokes: 28+28, D/B, black .

Nipples: Alum. 2011, ABS system.

Rims: h17mm x 22mm, double eyelet.

Straight spoke system: reduces spoke stress and weight.

Rims and hubs finishing: matt black anodizing.

Graphics: laser etched.


Ingredients for the ultimate strenght and lightness combination.

Low profile lightweight two camber rims make (low rotation mass) make you instantly feel any input you give to the pedals.

Straight-pull lacing transfers acceleration from drive to tyre, radial spokes gives you the highest possible stiffness (please note our hub flanges are specifically designed to absorb radial tension).

Avional self locking nipples are highly tensioning black d/b spokes that are also gauged for equalized rear wheel tension.

High quality lip seal (not crude o-ring), coupled with oversized 7075t6 axles and cassette's needle bearing are just some of the tricks we employ.

Precisely machined braking surfsces offer longer life (1.5mm rim wall thickness).



(ExtraRoad sl wheelset is not supplied with Aliens).


What the press says:

Mountain Biking UK:



"An excellent, and far cheaper, alternative to Mavic's Crossmax wheelset"



Mountain Biker International:

Summer '98

"The impressive poundage was a result of an already light frame being adorned by Extralite's very own Extraterrestrial wheelset (lighter than CrossMax), saddle and seatpost."




Dec. '98

" TB rating * * * * * "




"As light and sturdy as the famous CrossMax, but a good bit cheaper and a damn sight more repairable... The quality of components and finishing was second to none"

"Al especially liked the rims. The first jig checked showed them to be impressively straight and they were still that way at the last check"



VTT magazine:

Feb. '99

"Extralite s'est spécialisé dans la fabrication de composants ultra-giga-méga-extralights. Apres le cadre suspendu le plus léger du monde, Extralite nous refait le coup avec ces roues qui ne pésent que 1 520g la paire."




Marzo '99

"Una particolare menzione meritano le ruote Extralite ExtraTerrestrial. Sono tra le ruote complete da cross country più leggere in circolazione. I mozzi hanno perni sovradimensionati... quello posteriore si avvale di un particolare cuscinetto a rulli studiato per gestire gli elevati carichi della cassetta, pesa 265gr."



May '99

"at only 1.520kg for the set (thanks to an ultra-light rear freehub) you will be hard pressed to build a lighter set - especially for the £400"


100% made in Italy