FreeHead 85gr.

Why an Extralite freeride specific headset?

First we think free doesn't necessary mean heavy.
Then squeezing every best available feature isn't enough for us, FreeHead offers more!


Sealing: 4 RS + 4 O-Rings.

Weight: 85gr.(top cap & bolt included)

Bearings: 2 stainless bidirectional cartridges.

Finish: black/bronze anodized.

Graphics: laser etched.

Height: 11 + 12.5mm.


Compared to American best efforts we can offer some exciting extras:

· 2 stainless bearing cartridges that can
handle double crown forks and manage DH abuses.
Stainless and fully serviceable.

· 4 external o-rings and a better
labyrinth configuration (that significantly
reduce internal moisture) are added to
4 quality RS sealings on bearing cartridges.

· The unique "Preload Control" minimizes
wrencing and adjustments offering constant preload.

· 30% weight reduction (actually saving 30-40gr.)

Super-compact design allows better bike layouts leaving more space
to fork travel or bar rise.

Slimmer, lighter and trickier: a real concentrate
of our Extralite high-quality engineering.


Available in 1 1/8' standard size only.



100% made in Italy