IntegrHead 45gr.

Recognize quality even if your intergrated headset is our of sight!

Slimmer, lighter and trickier: a real concentrate
of our Extralite high-quality engineering.


Sealing: 4 RS + 3 O-Rings.

Weight: 45gr.(top cap & bolt included).

Upper Bearing: Radial micro cartridge.

Lower Bearing: Stainless bidirectional cartridge.

Compatible: 45° internal fitting, Campa.

Finish: black/bronze anodized.

Graphics: laser etched.


Besides it's lightness it offers some exciting extras too!

· Precise and smooth steering feel.

· Better sealing: 4 RS cartridge bearing seals,
3 external o-rings.

· Better labyrinth configuration
that significantly reduce internal moisture.



Available in 1 1/8' standard size only.



100% made in Italy