UltraSpeed E68 1090gr.(pair)

World's lightest FlyWheel.


Weight: 1090Gr / set.

Hubs: Extralite UltraHubs SP/SPM.

Rims: Hi-tech carbon tubolar, EDGE 1.68 (68mm).

Compatibity: Shimano/Sram, Campagnolo, 10&11 speed compatible.

Spokes: straight-pull, black, 3butted-bladed, 16+20.

Nipples: internal, self locking.

Graphics: EDGE decals.

Option: "Zero" Hybrid ceramic bearings.

This is the most stream-lined wheelset of our lineup, yet really light.

The 68mm high profile rims give very good reactivity under acceleration and help you mantaining the quickly reached speed with the flywheel effect and a considerable aerodynamic efficiency.

Internal Nipple layout reduces air resitance during wheel rotation and enhances the overall areodynamic effect of the wheel.

The hexagonal Ergal nipples feature nylon thread-lock that enhances lacing stability and minimize trueing maintenance.

The surface material of Edge Composite rims enables unparalleled braking performance, dry or wet.

Straight pull spokes increase sprinting reactivity and wheel stiffness whith a considerable weight reduction.


Both front UltraFront SPM and UltraRear SP hubs feature external "Micro Tuner" system.
The precise "Micro Tuner" action is very easy to operate, it ensures perfect hub bearing setting.

Extra wide camber enhances lateral stiffness with no weight penalty.

Optional bearings
ZeroUp-R ceramic balls bearings sport the latest generation of hi-tech features:
Grade 3 Balls made in USA, Magnetite Rust Proof Finish, ABEC 5 Precision,Silicone VV Seals, 3 Times Cryogenic Race Treatment.

Please read general informations about Hybrid-Ceramic bearings durability.

As every Extralite products UltraHubs exceede UNI/DIN Safety standards. Safety tests simulate a very strong 90kg (200lb) rider output.

Wheelsets include spare spokes and are not supplied with quick releases.

100% made in Italy