Hyper Freewheel kits

These"Hart-Coated" fully-alloy devices have been able to manage extremely high torque since the birth.

In 10 years of continuous refinements we have progressively fine tuned the front-engagement freewheel mechanism of Hyper hubs.

Today models feature a number of refinements that have improved life-span, engagement performance and maintenance easiness.

48 points of engagement (P.o.E.) offer an extremely fast response and a lower coasting friction than most conventional road hubs.
36 points of engagement (P.o.E.) is suitable for E-Bike applications, less sensible to Micro-Tuner adjusting errors, easier maintenance.


Kit model
Bearing options
Hyper Freewheel Kit (Version 1)
HyperRear, HyperCamber

- Freewheel Body
- Floating Ring
- 1set of standard springs
- 2 bearings
- 5cc of Alugrease Super1
- Special Lock-Ring (Shimano 12s)



Hyper2+ Freewheel kit
HyperBoost R, HyperRear2, HyperCamber2, Hyper JR, HyperVR
Hyper3 MTB Freewheel kit
HyperBoost3 R, HyperSmart3 R
Hyper3 ROAD Freewheel kit
HyperSmart3 R


Never mix parts between different kits nor mix new and weared parts.

Read well manual instructions before installing the new freewheel.

Lube only as for instructions.

Notes about Shimano MTB 11s / Shimano Road 11s and XD/XDR cogs
Current Shimano Road11s (or XD) cogs requires a wider fitting than Shimano MTB11s (or XDR) cogs.
Our MTB hubs fit the Shimano MTB 11s (or XD).
HyperSmart3 R can fit also the Shimano Road 11s (or XDR).
This in order to use all the possible spoke camber that sensibly influences the lateral stiffness of rear wheels.

For a clear dentification MTB freewheels has RED ring, Road freewheels BLUE ring.


The Shimano MTB 12s compatible freewheel kit includes is specific lock-Ring.


Specifically designed long-life polyurethane lip-seal protects the freewheel mechanism.

Lifespan of freewheel components proved to exceed our best expectations from the very beginning, over 10 years ago.


100% made in Italy