QRC-3 from 329g.

Hollow profile, highly stiff, an impressive CNC artwork

Q-factor: 142mm

Weight: from 329g, see table

Bcd: 110mm standard compact

Bearings: 30-42mm low friction seals

Spindle: integrated 30mm axle

Graphics: laser etched / CNC

Finishing: black anodized

Size: 170mm

Bearing options: ABI-Enduro, HyperCeramic or Enduro XD-15 (both stainless ceramic)
QRC-3 cranks come complete with the BB assembly, no other parts are required to install them on your frame
BB are equipped only with high-quality bearings, choose according to your intended use and to the environment of your area

QRC-2 brought the SSP (Stress Split Profile) concept to the extreme
are a whole step forward: 17% lighter and 15%stiffer

Drivetrain system
QRC-3D DIRECT Mount chainring
Road and Gravel
QRC-3S SINGLE Chainring setups
Road, Gravel, Brompton
QRC-3 DOUBLE Chainring setups
Road and Gravel

* Weight includes crank levers, spider, axle, axle bolt, extractor ring, "click-dial" bearing preload and both bushings for the bearing support
* BB is included in the price and weight is specified in the table below

Hours of state-of-art, point-to-point 5 Axis 3D milling technology are employed on each unit

Each crankset receives the same sculpturing process and care once limited only to works prototypes

Both crank-arms are "sculptured" with a sophisticate 3D cnc process for a higher freedom in multi-dimensional shaping

CNC artwork combines lightness with elegance

2 years of accurate FEA simulations and dozens of different prototipes destroyed to achieve an incredible level of safety

Special custom tools have been developed to achieve a super deep and efficient hollow structure

Self extracting left crank: no special tools required

Stylish and precise "click-dial" bearing preload system

QRC-3s spider arms feature built-it female chainring-bolts to simplify and enlighten the final assembly

QRC-3 spiders fit standard 5 holes BCD 110mm chainrings and bolts


We recommend Extralite chainrings for perfect cosmetic match and further weight reduction

Complete you QRC-3S with Extralite parts: OctaPhase and 1 set of ExtraBolt 1.2S in your favourite anodized finish

QRC3 can be equipped with Aeronose, 3D printed nylon cover, useful to increase aerodynamics and protect from dirt intrusion


Limited Edition Colors


QRC-3 are supplied with BB bearings and cups that fit every common frame-standard

BSA 68mm



thread 1.37 X 24 T.P.I.

68mm wide


Bore 42mm

width 68mm


Bore 42mm

Width 84.5mm

Internal bearing shoulders 68.5mm
(special 41mm
bearing included)

Bore 41mm

Width 86.5mm max

Bore 46mm

Width 68mm
BB386 Evo

Bore 46mm

Width 86.5mm max
BB Right 42

Bore 42mm

Width 79mm

BB Right 46

Bore 46mm

Width 79mm


T 47

thread M47x1

68mm wide



100% made in Italy