CyberHubs faq/Tips


Can I convert my CyberRear to Campagnolo 11s/ Shimano 11s/ Sram XD Drive?
Yes, just replace the freewheel body. You can find the spare part on our Web-Shop after clicking "Buy" on the related product.

Since CyberRear ia a specific Road hub his freewheel mechanism can't support Mtb short gear ratios.
Pay attention to XD Drive cogs, minimum gear ratio is 1.00.

What type of maintenance I should do on CyberHubs?
On CyberHubs manuals you find "Manteinance Level 1" for basic cleaning, lubrication and reassembly.

Warning: Use only very soft density grease AluGrease Super 1.
Medium or hard density grease may cause un-complete pawl engagement and this will seriously damage freewheel mechanism.
Chemical additives may affect physical properties of Lip-Seal, O-ring spring and Bushings.

I feel a side play on my rim, can I solve this?
Yes, screw in the Micro Tuner, see manual "Bearing preload set-up" chapter.

My Micro Tuner get loose after few rides, can I solve this?
This means that Micro Tuner have a low friction on the Axle, check it. Try to remove Micro Tuner, degrease it, degrease the Axle and reinstall Micro Tuner. Repeat "Bearing preload set-up".
Micro Tuner friction should be noticeable. You can turn it by hands but with some difficult.
If Micro Tuner is too lose it need to be replaced.

Can I service CyberHubs/Wheels?
CyberHubs are fully serviceable, however we divided hub maintenance into 2 levels of technical know how:
Level 1: Freewheel cleaning/oiling is in. No special tools are required, we recommend it only to technically skilled owners and mechanics. See manual
Level 2: Bearing change. Special tools are required, we recommend it only to highly technically skilled owners and mechanics.

I want to buy a CyberHub could you tell me spoke length for my rim?
Yes, we offer a spoke calculation service for alloy rims.
Basically a correct spoke calculation requires exact "spoke-end" diameter (SED), this depends on your rim and nipple type.
See here for SED measurement instruction.

Once get SED measure go to the related hub pace and click on the Lacing Instrucion link, you'll find a table with correct spoke lengths.