CyberHubs faq/Tips


Can I convert my CyberRear to Campagnolo 11s/ Shimano 11s/ Sram XDR Drive?
Yes, just replace the freewheel body. You can find the spare part on our Web-Shop under the specific product.
All CyberHubs share the same freewheel body.

Since CyberRear ia a specific Road hub his freewheel mechanism can't support Mtb short gear ratios.
Pay attention to XD Drive cogs, minimum gear ratio is 1.00.

After 15 years of hub manufacturing we have released the mechanisms of CyberFront and CyberRear lineup.
Needless to talk about the amount of experience involved in the production of such reliable and lightweight rotational parts.
Careful developing, quality materials and highly controlled production tolerances are the three key factors.
That bought to a highly reliable / low weight hub mechanism that allows a very high mileage:
training/racing season up to 20.000Km of continuous riding before requiring a rather simple maintenance.
Obviously wet environment and frequent washings reduce the intervals as for any other long-lasting hubset.

Despite the low mass Cyber road hubs employ bearings and axles that are normally strong enough for MTB use.

The freewheel mechanism features 36 teeth on a wider diameter that sensibly reduces loads on palws and freehub-body.
The 17mm rear axle holds a beefy 17-30-7mm central bearing, just like very few competitors do.
CyberRear allows an easier switch of cassette standard since it features a 4-bearing system.
Fully rebuildable and built to last.

What type of maintenance I should do on CyberHubs?
On CyberHubs manuals you find "Manteinance Level 1" for basic cleaning, lubrication and reassembly.
Warning: Use only very soft density grease AluGrease Super 1.
Medium or hard density grease may cause un-complete pawl engagement and this will seriously damage freewheel mechanism.
Chemical additives may affect physical properties of Lip-Seal, O-ring spring and Bushings.

I feel a side play on my rim, can I solve this?
Yes, gently screw in the Micro Tuner, see manual "Bearing preload set-up" chapter.

I hear a noise under pedaling, how can I solve this?
That's not normal. Noises comes from micro movements between parts.
The first thing to check is the correct bearing preload setup and the correct tightening of the Right Axle End.

Do you make a Center Lock version?
We never produced hubs with center-lock disc mounts since it's an industrial standard mainly targeted for cost reduction of mid-low priced hubs.
The 6-Bolts pattern is by far the lightest and most performing system.
6-Bolts setups generally offer a sensible weight advantage over a similar Center-lock assembly.

- reputable brake brands offer good quality rotors in a medium to low weight range (TrickStuff & Magura are respectively at 90 and 100g for a 160mm ) .
- cheap lightweight steel units may look good but only few proved to perform well (The best we tested among those are Ashima Aro 08 - 160mm ca 85g)
- expensive alloy/ceramic units require special pads and we often got opposite comments about them.

My Micro Tuner get loose after few rides, can I solve this?
This means that Micro Tuner have a low friction on the Axle, check it. Try to remove Micro Tuner, degrease it, degrease the Axle and reinstall Micro Tuner. Repeat "Bearing preload set-up".
Micro Tuner friction should be noticeable. You can turn it by hands but with some difficult.
If Micro Tuner is too lose it need to be replaced.

Can I service CyberHubs/Wheels?
CyberHubs are fully serviceable, however we divided hub maintenance into 2 levels of technical know how:
Level 1: Freewheel cleaning/oiling is in. No special tools are required, we recommend it only to technically skilled owners and mechanics. See manual
Level 2: Bearing change. Special tools are required, we recommend it only to highly technically skilled owners and mechanics.

I want to buy a CyberHub could you tell me spoke length for my rim?
Yes, we offer a spoke calculation service for our hubs.
Basically a correct spoke calculation requires exact "spoke-end" diameter (SED), this depends on your rim and nipple type.
See here for SED measurement instruction.

Once get SED measure go to the related hub page and click on the Lacing Instrucion link, you'll find a table with correct spoke lengths.