RoadStem UL3 78g.(90mm)

We made one more step, we made it UL3, more everything.

Hyper accurate dimensional engineering, true performance, tight tolerances

and the original and most copied 4 bolts design.


Lengths: 90, 100, 110, 120mm.

Weight: 78, 81, 86, 90g.(+/-1g)

Angles: reversible, +/- 8°.

Handlebar clamp: 26mm standard.

Material: totally cnc from AL 7075 Txx.

Steer tube Clamp diameter: standard 1 1/8'.

Design: ergonomic, nothing on the back side where leg contact is possible.

Ultra stiff structure: very efficient with your upper body energy.

Bolts: special CNC Titanium.

Fork Clamp height: 40mm.

Finish: Black anodized.

Graphics: Laser etched.

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Equipped with new special GRD5 Titanium Torx bolts.

Why 25.4mm standard beats 31.8mm?

Front clamp has been totally redesigned and heat treated to minimize consequences of incorrect bolt tightening.

Design and dimensioning are impressive, mass and stress concentrations have been farther reduced.


Now it's lighter and even more resistant to abuses. Our new military standard alloy treatments doubles fatigue strength.


New multiaxial machining allows material shaving where only few years ago was impossible.

When you'll see it in flesh you'll realize it's an absolute performance sculpture.

Beware! You can find RoadStem copies!
None of them will even get close to original RoadStem stiffness and performance.


Why RoadStem is so stiff? click here.


Fatigue and strength tested, exceedes UNI 10518 safety standards.

100% made in Italy