HyperBoost3 R 148g. (24h-XD-HDC)

Sturdy, precise and incredibly light.


Weight: 148g.(28h-XD-HDC)

Material: special 7075TXX

Available Drillings: 24h, 28h

Spokes: up to Ø2.6mm, Steel, Berd, Carbon

Frame standard: 148mm thru-axle "Rear Boost"

Cassette standards: Sram XD-Drive, Shima M11s or Shima M12s

Freehub system: 3rd generation of Extralite's hyper engineered front engagement

Freehub seals & bearings: durable polyurethane Lip seal, 2x 6803-2RS sealed cartridges

Hubshell seals & bearings: external Soft-Touch O-r seal, 2RS sealed cartridges 6903+6803 (*option 2x6903-2RS)

Axle construction: 17mm, multi-shaped and individually lapped to micro tolerances

Bearing options: ABI Enduro 440-stainless, HDC Ceramic, XD15 Ceramic

Micro-Tuner: super accurate external bearing preload system

Finishing: black anodized body, "hart-coat" freehub and axle-ends

Graphics: laser etched

*Option: 6903-2RS bearing (17-30-7mm) on disc side for heavy duty use.



Lacing Instructions

Pre-calculated spoke lengths, spoke patterns and wheel building tips.

Freewheel Options

High corrosion resistance
Average best choice for humid environment
or frequent bike washing


36 p.o.e. XD Drive
48 p.o.e. XD Drive


36 p.o.e. Shimano MTB 12s
48 p.o.e. Shimano MTB 12s


36 p.o.e. Shimano MTB 11s

Good mileage
Low rolling resistance
Medium resistance in humid environment
Best choice for best racing performance

Low rolling resistance
Highest mileage
Fully openable and rebuildable
Highly resistant to water, moisture and salt
Best choice for maximum racing performance and durability

HyperHubs Tips Page


Combine HyperBoost3-R with Black-lock and get a super-stiff tricky assembly.

The overall hub system is the world lightest and employs bigger bearings than most competitors.
Freehub employs 2 corrosion resistant stainless bearings (6803-2rs), hubshell rotates on a"heavy duty"
(6903-2rs) corrosion resistant stainless main bearing that can handle 250kg and a low friction (6803-2rs) bearing on disc side.
The "heavy duty" 6903-2RS at disc side is also available as option.

Bigger bearings are mounted onto a bigger 17mm diameter axle, multi-shaped and individually lapped to micro tolerances.
This creates a stiffer assembly that significantly increases bearing durability and hub stiffness.


Micro-tuner ensures a very precise bearing setting: minimum bearing friction with highest bearing durability and no play at the rim.

Additional external Soft-Touch O-ring seals keep dust and moisture away from the 2RS bearing seals promoting bearing longevity.


Third generation of Extralite's front engagement system increases the gap with the competition.
20% lighter floating-ring enhances engagement quickness and also reduces noise and drag.
Newly developed hubshell splines increase overall lifespan over 35% and simplifies maintenance.

Specifically designed long-life polyurethane Lip seal protects the freewheel mechanism from the elements..


Straight pull spokes increase wheel stiffness, reduce lateral flex and increase reactivity under torque transmission.

All this offers a sensible weight reduction and is well compatible with Berd spokes too!


100% made in Italy